Estelle Wagner is a young, ambitious Luxembourgish Polo player and athlete. The story of the rather recent Polo Club Luxembourg could hardly be told without emphasizing the roles played by Estelle and her father Yves Wagner. When Estelle decided to embark on professional playing and to turn her passion into a career, we were asked to develop a personal ‘brand’ for her, involving the planning of her social media profiles and, above all a video clip for promotional purposes.

So firstly, we brainstormed within our team, put together ideas and finally developed a set of social media guidelines. These were tailor-made not only for Estelle as a starting athlete, but were also targeted at each individual social media platform picked: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. With the start-up aid from our side, assistance from her father and her own sportive discipline, Estelle followed to guidelines and set up consistent and informative social media profiles and presences. This digital marketing is a crucial part of personal branding using cutting-edge technologies.

The second part of our work was the production of a four-minute clip for different self-promotional uses. To that end, we accompanied Estelle to different tournaments in Luxembourg, Germany and Austria where we filmed her competing with fellow players in the most beautiful natural settings, mostly blessed with splendid weather. In the clip underneath, you’ll hear Estelle discussing her passion for Polo and future career plans, and you can see her swinging the mallet during chukkas.