Flibco Client Reactions


The Flibco Shuttle is a service offered by Sales-Lentz. Their Flibco buses travel from Luxembourg to the popular airports in the neighbouring countries of Luxembourg as well as to Portugal. In order to demonstrate the enjoyment of the passengers, Sales-Lentz asked us to make a video with the reactions of the clients. And indeed, a diversity of people easily agreed on the practicality of Flibco, allowing to save parking fees, as an easy way for single travellers or travellers with single tickets, for families or elderly people, offering frequent and comfortable service adapted to the flight timetables.
Chateaux & Domaines Wengler crucially stands for family tradition that goes back to the 19th century, unique expertise accumulated over the years and irreproachable logistical reliability. That in mind, we aimed at portraying the family business for simply what it is: THE place for a broad choice of high-class wine and spirits, professional advice to match your personal preferences and thorough, culinary wine tasting.