What is a Social Media Manager? Oh sorry, we didn’t hear you over the sound of how hip this job is.

He is responsible for engaging current and prospective customers via social media channels, building a strong community around our brand, analyzing relevant metrics —you name it, he does it. While pushing L-Pod’s awareness on social networks, you can hire him for doing the same for your company. If you want so, please contact him via your favorite Social Media Platform, because he has an allergy against non-digital getting in touches like messages in a bottle or carrier pigeons.

So what does he do the whole day? He spends all day on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc., writing blogs, chatting up customers, whatever he needs to do to ensure maximum share of voice for L-Pod. He’s basically playing around on the internet, pretty much every college kid’s dream job so he does – oh god, we can’t continue talking anymore about how great this job is that he has.

How many cups of coffee Philippe needs a day to work properly